Yield Booster Plugin

Campie has officially integrated the Yield Booster Plugin from Camelot DEX

Campie has integrated the Yield Booster Plugin and allocated xGRAIL to it with the aim of offering Camelot liquidity providers an avenue to earn more rewards without having to lock any GRAIL as xGRAIL themselves.

Campie holds one spNFT for each pool, representing our position on Camelot. When a user deposits to Campie, we will increase the liquidity of that specific spNFT position. Additionally, the benefits and rewards earned from the specific spNFT position will be distributed to users based on their staked position in Campie.

  • When users deposit liquidity on Campie, they automatically receive LP swap fees and farm incentives.

  • Campie automatically increases farm rewards for users as the protocol allocates its xGRAIL into Camelotโ€™s yield booster.

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