Understanding Campie


Campie, created by Magpie, is a DeFi platform that builds on the framework of Camelot DEX to offer governance and yield enhancement services to the users of Camelot.

Camelot DEX

Camelot DEX stands as the premier native DEX on the Arbitrum network, emphasizing ecosystem growth and community engagement. Engineered to be highly efficient and customizable, Camelot DEX offers builders and users the ability to leverage their bespoke infrastructure for deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity. The protocol adopts a flexible approach, prioritizing composability, and features a dual Automated Market Maker system capable of accommodating both volatile and stable swaps.

Empowering Camelot DEX with Campie

Campie plays an instrumental role in maximizing the long-term value of Camelot DEX. The platform empowers xGRAIL holders to earn passive income without requiring lockup, enables cost-effective voting power for Camelot DEX voters, and allows liquidity providers to achieve higher APR% without the need to lock GRAIL tokens as xGRAIL.

For GRAIL holders, Campie presents an enticing opportunity to earn substantial rewards. By converting their governance tokens (GRAIL) into mGRAIL, users can stake mGRAIL on Campie and receive active user engagement rewards.

Upon the conversion of GRAIL into mGRAIL, Campie automatically locks all the converted GRAIL as xGRAIL within Camelot DEX. This mechanism not only enables GRAIL holders to earn rewards through mGRAIL but also grants Campie governance rights.

Thanks to Campie's xGRAIL holdings, liquidity providers will be able to deposit their assets on the platform and earn increased xGRAIL rewards without the necessity of individually locking any GRAIL as xGRAIL.

Additionally, Campie offers cost-effective participation in Camelot DEX's governance by redistributing the voting power amassed through its xGRAIL holdings among vlCMP holders. CMP, serving as the governance token of Campie, can be locked as vlCMP, thereby granting access to its associated benefits. Holders of Vote-Locked CMP can partake in active user engagement rewards and exert efficient influence over the governance of Camelot DEX while maximizing their rewards. It is important to note that a 15-day unlocking period is required for locked CMP to be fully accessible.

Benefits of Campie for Camelot DEX

1. Zero-Lockup Passive Income for GRAIL Holders: GRAIL holders can convert their tokens into mGRAIL, enabling them to receive a share of the active user engagement rewards generated by Campie.

2. Expanding a Diverse User Base: Risk-averse liquidity providers can achieve higher yields without the need to lock GRAIL and hold xGRAIL individually. Campie's xGRAIL holdings facilitate boosted passive income for depositors.

3. Reducing Voting Barriers: Campie brings a cost-effective approach to acquiring voting rights on Camelot DEX through the utilization of xGRAIL. Users can purchase CMP tokens and lock them on Campie as vlCMP, gaining control over the xGRAIL held by Campie and thereby being able to influence the governance of Camelot DEX. This approach also enables maximized active user engagement rewards with considerable shorter lock-up periods.

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