📝Campie Overview


What is Campie?

Campie is a groundbreaking SubDAO within the Magpie Ecosystem that prioritizes providing cost-effective governance access and yield-boosting services to Camelot DEX participants. Integrated seamlessly with Camelot, Campie focuses on the strategic locking of GRAIL tokens to unlock governance rights and enhanced yield benefits within the Camelot DEX ecosystem. By doing so, Campie introduces a revolutionary approach to optimizing capital efficiency and monetizing governance power.

Campie provides users with a pathway to deposit their assets and earn enhanced APR%. Concurrently, it enables Camelot DEX voters to acquire voting power cost-effectively and generate passive income through the CMP token.

Campie allows GRAIL token holders to earn passive income without a lock-in period, through the process of converting their tokens into mGRAIL. By leveraging the innovative xGRAIL model of Camelot DEX, Campie empowers users to earn rewards. To facilitate this, we have introduced mGRAIL, a version of the GRAIL token created by Campie, which enables users to receive active user engagement rewards while enjoying enhanced flexibility.

When users convert their GRAIL tokens on Campie, they receive mGRAIL tokens at a 1:1 ratio, unlocking the ability to earn rewards. Meanwhile, Campie locks all the converted GRAIL tokens as xGRAIL on Camelot DEX, resulting in the accumulation of xGRAIL by Campie. This accumulation of xGRAIL tokens grants Campie enhanced passive income and governance benefits within Camelot DEX. Consequently, Campie can efficiently deliver sustainable, boosted reards and governance power to its users.

What is CMP?

CMP is the governance and active user engagement reward token of Campie. Users have the option to lock their CMP as vlCMP at 1:1 ratio on the platform to access its utility.

Vote-Locked CMP, also known as vlCMP, enables users to earn passive income and participate in governance processes on Campie. The voting power that Campie gains from holding xGRAIL is distributed among vlCMP holders, allowing them to participate effectively in Camelot's governance. Holders of Vote-Locked CMP are entitled to receive a active user engagement rewards from Campie.

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