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Understanding Camelot DEX

What is Camelot DEX?

Camelot DEX stands as the premier native decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the Arbitrum network, renowned for its commitment to ecosystem development and community engagement. Meticulously crafted, the protocol embodies exceptional efficiency and customizability, enabling builders and users to harness its bespoke infrastructure for robust, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity. At the core of Camelot DEX lies a tailored approach that accentuates composability, empowering users with a dual Automated Market Maker system capable of facilitating both volatile and stable swaps.

What is GRAIL?

GRAIL is the governance token of Camelot DEX.

What is xGRAIL?

xGRAIL represents the locked version of GRAIL tokens. By locking their tokens as xGRAIL on Camelot, GRAIL holders can access advantages within the platform. Camelot offers various plugins for xGRAIL to be allocated into, each providing different benefits.

What are the benefits of holding xGRAIL?

xGRAIL must be allocated into any of the following plugins to access its benefits::

1. Dividends: Holders of xGRAIL can earn a proportionate active user engagement rewards from the Camelot platform, providing a sustainable stream of income.

2. Launchpad Access: xGRAIL holders gain exclusive access to token launches within the Camelot Launchpad, allowing them to access in early investment opportunities.

3. Yield Booster: The Yield Booster feature empowers liquidity providers, enabling them to get enhanced rewards for their participation.

4. Gauges (Work in Progress): xGRAIL holders stand to benefit from bribe rewards through the forthcoming Gauges feature, further incentivizing their engagement with the platform.

Campie effectively utilizes the advantages from the xGRAIL plugins to maximize benefits for its participants.

How Can Campie Support Camelot DEX?

  • For GRAIL Holders: GRAIL holders cannot earn passive income without lock up.

  • For Liquidity Providers: Liquidity providers cannot earn boosted yields without locking GRAIL as xGRAIL.

  • For Governance Voters: Voters cannot get voting power efficiently through xGRAIL.

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