Cost-Effective Voting Power for Camelot DEX users

Users can acquire voting power on Camelot DEX cost-effectively through CMP

Camelot DEX voters must buy and lock xGRAIL tokens for a period of 6 months to get max voting power, which is not a cost-effective way to control governance power.

​Campie offers cost-effective voting power for Camelot DEX voters:

Users can lock their CMP tokens as vlCMP to control the voting power that Campie has accumulated through its xGRAIL holdings. Each GRAIL that Campie locks on Camelot DEX is locked for 6 months. This means that all of Campie's xGRAIL own the highest benefits on Camelot DEX. Camelot voters can buy voting power cost-effectively by acquiring and locking CMP tokens. Users can lock CMP as Vote-Locked CMP on Campie to participate in the governance of Camelot DEX while earning boosted rewards at the same time.

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