๐ŸŸกCampie Maximizing benefits

Understanding Campie

What is Campie?

Campie is a groundbreaking SubDAO, created by Magpie, that is dedicated to supporting the long-term development of Camelot Exchange. Built under the principles of Camelotโ€™s design, it amplifies the platformโ€™s central functionalities. The primary focus of Campie is to lock GRAIL tokens as xGRAIL, which provides access to numerous benefits within the Camelot Ecosystem. Thanks to this approach, the platform is able to offer enhanced passive income for liquidity providers, cost-effective governance power for Camelot voters, and the opportunity for GRAIL holders to earn passive income without any mandatory lock-up period.

How does Campie support Camelot DEX?

  • Boosted rewards for GRAIL holders

  • Boosted yields for Liquidity Providers

  • Cost-Effective Voting Power & active user engagement rewards for Camelot DEX Voters (Real Yield)

  • Decreasing GRAIL circulating supply

  • Providing a platform accessible to a wide range of users.

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