Tokens related to Campie and Camelot DEX


Grail serves as the native token of Camelot.


xGRAIL is a non-transferable escrowed governance token that corresponds to staked GRAIL. It can be earned through yield-generating staking positions (spNFTs) or by converting GRAIL directly. The primary purpose of xGRAIL is its allocation to Plugins. This process involves staking xGRAIL into the token contract and assigning the deposited amount to a plugin in exchange for various benefits.

Camelot DEX Plugins

  • Dividends: xGRAIL holders get active user engagement rewards from the Camelot platform.

  • Launchpad: GRAIL holders receive access to the launch of new tokens within Camelot.

  • Yield Booster: Liquidity Providers can enhance their rewards by allocating xGRAIL through this plugins.

  • Gauges: (Work In Progress)


mGRAIL refers to "Magpie GRAIL", is a liquid version of xGRAIL that allows users to earn passive income on Campie. GRAIL holders can convert tokens into mGRAIL on Campie to earn boosted APR without having to lock their assets.


CMP is the governance and active user engagement rewards token of Campie.


Vote-Locked CMP is the locked version of CMP. vlCMP holders control the voting power that Campie wields on Camelot DEX. Users can lock their CMP to obtain vlCMP at a 1:1 ratio. vlCMP holders are entitled to a share of the active user engagement rewards and also have governance rights. Vote-Locked CMP holders can participate in the governance of both Camelot DEX and Campie.

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